Via Falerina, 97
01033 Civita Castellana (VT) ITALY
Tel 0761.599455 - Fax 0761.516027
P.IVA 01822690564
Iscr. Reg. Imprese VT n. 131602
Cap Sociale 50.000 I.V.

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Surrena - Terracotta Falisca - Company


Surrena - Terracotta Falisca - Company

The artistic ceramics manufactured by Surrena Terracotta Falisca are enriched with decorations which revive the motifs of the majolicas of the Renaissance and of the Baroque period, and they are characterized by an ornate and compendius style. This huge and intact past heritage is, however, re-interpreted in a modern way by the artistic decoratores of the Surrena who neverthless are extremely careful in enhancing the meaning and the particular taste created through the centuries by the artisans and history. All patterns/shapes/sizes and compositions created by Surrena Terracotta Falisca can be used both for floors and walls. Is also possible produce differents shapes/sizes and decorations on demand.